Unique Features of MyEntry

Accommodate Bank Entries in a Flash

People usually invest a lot of time doing manual entries. We have come up with an absolutely magnificent feature in which users only have to upload their Bank statement and MyEntry will automatically identify their Ledger and pass the entry. In this feature, MyEntry will show images of Bank Entries getting the upload to the users accounting profile where users do not have to hand-make any Bank Entries. This will help the user in not wasting time in doing the entries manually.

Auto Narrations of All the Entries

The accounting fundamentals say that every Bank entries must have a narration so, we have come up with another feature in which system will narrate every single entry made by the user on the Book. This ingredient in MyEntry will let the user in not wasting the time in typing the narration manually for every single entry.

Auto Fixed Bill Billing

Many business and firms sometimes need to engender 100s of bills and value at the same time so we decided to sum another feature which is one of our best feature where the user can provoke 100s of bills and values at just a single click as supervised by them. Once the system is configured by the user, the system will do its job and do the billing.

Asset Accounting

We have a very unique feature which is been furnished to the user only by us till now. This feature will help the user in sheer appraising of its fixed assets likewise furniture, machines and many more like them. We needed to highlight this feature in the heading as well so we have to create an image which will pageant the user about their appraised fixed asset in a single table which is supposed to vary annually according to the depreciation in the balance sheet. Connoting, the same tables was of 5000 in the 2018-19 financial yearbook, but in 2019.-20 the same table will be of 4000 with 20% depreciation in the balance sheet.

User Permission and Restriction

Other software charges a robust amount while adding user but in our case, we will add the user with ease as much as we like without charging a huge amount by them. We have also a feature where the main user can restrict his sub-user on the point of Reading/Writing And Updating. The main user can also grant any single user to user particular feature according to the requirements.

Sharing Accounts with Accountants and Chartered Accountant

This is one of the most vital characteristics of our MyEntry where we let the end user show his accounting books to his accountant of CA remotely anywhere in the world manually. We need to highlight this feature in the header as well. So we make an image where the user is making his bills and entering purchase at his office and at the same time the accountant his doing the entries with ease at his own home and again the CA is approving the entries in his office. This will show the user that the end user, Accountant, and CA are working on the same account at the same time and seating in different parts of the world.

Consolidated Reports at Head Office

There is a very specific characteristic in MyEntry where the user can have all the concentrated reports at Head Office, and at the same time the branch offices can see their purchase sales, profit and loss reports freely on their own.

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